The Benefits of Whisky Clubs

25-07-2018 By Whizzky Team

Whisky clubs are a great way to enhance your whisky experience. What can be better than a group of like-minded individuals sharing whisky knowledge?

These clubs have become quite popular including private whisky clubs such as Multnomah Whisky Library in the United States and the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS). With private clubs, one may be required to pay a membership fee to enjoy the benefits such as exclusive tastings, use of club facilities and special bottlings.

Away from the grandeur private clubs, whisky clubs are for explorers at heart. The aim is to collectively try out and learn as much about whisky as possible. Better yet, in a group setting, sampling different expressions of the world’s favourite spirit.

The Multnoman Whisky Library

The Multnomah Whisky Library

Whisky clubs are beneficial for not only friendships but can also be an affordable way to try out expensive drams. The club can purchase a few bottles of an expensive dram for its members to sample. Whiskies can be expensive; it helps to have a collective purse for such occasions. For those times, where only a few bottles have been released, special editions or rare malts, whisky clubs can be beneficial too. The club can purchase a rare bottle of whisky to share with its members. Some clubs even have commemorative and special bottlings for its members, or collectively contribute towards a cask such as Lagg's First Casks.

Traditionally, whisky clubs meet every now and again to share, taste and discuss whisky. With the changing times, there has been a growing trend towards taking some of the club’s activity online. More and more clubs have Facebook pages where members can chat about different drams, events to attend and other whisky activities.

Whizzky has a special section available on the app designed for whisky clubs. Here, you can start your club, invite friends and share tasting notes from wherever you are. Download the app here for android and here for iOS.

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(Main Image Source: The Manual. Author: Sam Slaughter)