Glenmorangie To Add a New Still House

09-02-2018 By Whizzky Staff Writer

Glenmorangie has announced plans of expansion by way of a new still house. The new still house will allow Glenmorangie to increase capacity to meet increasing global demand.

The plans were announced in conjunction with the distillery's 175th anniversary. Glenmorangie believes this addition to be the perfect celebration of the Highland distillery's 150th anniversary.

President and CEO of Glenmorangie, Marc Hoellinger, said "We have decided to invest in a new still house to support the distillery’s growth and ensure that many more discerning single malt whisky drinkers can discover the delights of Glenmorangie".

Known for the tallest stills in Scotland, the new still house will work in tandem with with the existing one. The plans also include a new building that will have additional mashing and fermentation facilities.

Last year, Glenmorangie announced the return of the much loved expression Glenmorangie Astar which was lauded by Dr Bill Lumsden as " Glenmorangie Original on steroids".