Confirmed: $10 000 Glass of Macallan a Fake

03-11-2017 By Whizzky Team

Tests have confirmed that the shot of Macallan 1878 vintage bought by a tourist at The Waldhaus Hotel Am See in St Moritz, costing $10 000 is a fake.

The news of the fake Macallan rocked the whisky world in July after suspicions were raised about its authenticity. The hotel sent the whisky for scientific tests which have revealed the whisky to be fake.

The whisky was carbon dated at Oxford University who revealed that the whisky was most probably from 1970s. Tatlock and Thomson, a research laboratory, further tested the liquid and confirmed that it was a Scotch blend made of 60% malt and 40% grain. The liquid was supposed to be a single malt Macallan 1878 vintage.

St Moritz's hotel bar and manager, Sandro Bernascon, flew to China to personally deliver the news to the tourist and give him his refund. “The result has been a big shock to the system, and we are delighted to have repaid our customer in full as a gesture of goodwill,” said Sandro Bernasconi. They are also in conversation with their lawyers to see if action can be taken against the person who sold them the whisky.